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What to Do When Your Final Drive Leaks
Common issues that that you will likely come across with final drive motors for mini excavatorsare leaks. To fix the problem, you need to have an idea of where the leakage is coming from. Finding the source of a leak is easy, but if you let it go for too long, then it could lead to bigger problems for your final drive motor. Learn what to do when your final drive leaks, so you can fix the issue as soon as possible.

Find the Source of the Leak

The first step when dealing with final drive leaks is to find out the leak’s source. There are often two common sources of the leak that you should try to spot: hydraulic fluid or gear oil. There are two distinct ways to tell the difference between the two, which you can learn more about below.

Signs of a Hydraulic Fluid Leak

To identify hydraulic fluid, the leak will be much thinner than gear oil and similar to brake fluid. For there to be a hydraulic fluid leak, there might be an issue with the hydraulics part of the final drive, or you may have a hose leak. A clogged case drain filter can also cause a hydraulic fluid leak. Another thing to keep in mind is that, if there is a lot of fluid leaking, then it’s likely hydraulic fluid.

Signs of a Gear Oil Leak

When the fluid leak is thick and taking place on the planetary side of the final drive, then you are likely dealing with gear oil. You can diagnose a gear oil leak by looking for the fluid dripping on the final drive’s racks or behind the sprocket. The need to top off the gear oil to make sure it’s at a good level is another sign that you are dealing with a gear oil leak in the final drive.

Get it Repaired or Replaced

After diagnosing the leak’s source, the last part of what to do when your final drive leaks is to call a trusted service provider for help in diagnosing whether it can be feasibly repaired or would need to replaced. Remember, if you neglect the leaks for too long, then the likelihood of catastrophic failure continues to increase.

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