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Understanding Excavators: Important Facts About An Important Tool

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The construction equipment industry is expected to increase 12% from 2016 to 2026. Excavators are perhaps one of the most important pieces of large machinery found throughout the entire construction sector today. These excavators are essential for all kinds of construction jobs, both for small jobs and major industry-wide applications.

Hopefully this guide will help you better understand everything from excavator final drive motors to the size of digging depth of these powerful machines. Here is some important information pertaining to excavators and the entire construction market:

  • Excavators come in three main sizes -- The three sizes of excavators, which are important depending on the size and scale of a construction job, are as follows: compact mini excavators, mid-size midi excavators, and large excavators.

  • These machines are heavy -- Compact excavators can weigh around 3,700 pounds, while still yielding some incredible power. Some of the world's largest excavators, on the other hand, can weigh much more: as much as 188,716 pounds.

  • These machines are powerful -- Since these machines have so many important uses within the construction industry, they need to be extremely powerful. Excavators' net rated power can range from 14.5 horsepower to as much as 512 horsepower.

  • These machines can dig deep -- Though compact mini excavators only dig a few feet deep, larger excavators can reach max digging depths of approximately 32 feet.

  • Excavator final drive motors need to be properly maintained -- An excavator's final drive motor is an integral part of these construction machines. Roughly 90% of Bobcat brand final drives that fail prematurely can be attributed by a clogged case drain filter. It's important to note that final drive gear oil should be inspected after 100 hours of operation (or once a month). Additionally, whether you're utilizing the excavator a lot or not, final drive gear oil should be changed at least once per year.

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