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Top Final Drive Installation Tips
Now that you are ready to install your final drive motor for mini excavators, make sure you set everything up correctly to prevent any issues. Installing a final drive can be tricky if you aren’t prepared beforehand. Here are the top final drive installation tips you should follow.

Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Before you begin work on assembling the final drive, make sure that everything is clean, from the work area to the tools. This is the best way to prevent any contamination that can damage a final drive. If you can’t find a clean area, then place the parts on top of a sheet of cardboard.

Stay Organized

Our second tip is to stay as organized. Separate the different parts and color code the hoses before you disconnect them. By staying organized, you’ll ensure the final drive installation is efficient.

Add Fluids

As you are installing, don’t forget to add the various fluids to the final drive, like hydraulic fluid and gear oil. For hydraulic fluid, you will want to do this before installation so you can properly lubricate the parts.

Be Careful When Tightening Bolts

An overlooked part of installing a final drive is the bolt-tightening sequence. Tightening the bolts in a specific sequence can prevent any damage to the parts. Also make sure you tighten the bolts adequately without stripping them.

Test It Out

It never hurts to test out the final drive before you place the sprocket on. To test the final drive, operate it at a low speed to see if it goes in the right direction. If it does go in the wrong direction, all you have to do is reverse the two large input and output lines.

Check Oil Levels

A final top final drive installation tip is to check the oil levels, which means that you will have to pull the plug and see if there is any oil dripping out. If there isn’t any oil slowly dripping, then you will have to add more oil to it. Checking oil levels is one of the most important parts of final drive maintenance that you should be doing routinely.

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