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There’s a lot of maintenance that has to be done whether you have a Komatsu final drive, John Deere final drive, or any other brand in order to ensure it keeps running smoothly. One of the most important parts of that maintenance is making sure that there is enough oil in it, regardless of the brand. You can follow these tips for changing the gear oil in the final drive below.

Drain the Oil When it’s Warm

The first step in changing your oil is to drain the final drive’s gear oil. It’s recommended that you do this when the oil is still warm because it will be easier to drain it this way.

Rearrange the Plugs

Next, you will want to rearrange the final drive plugs so that they are at the three o’clock (or nine o’clock) and six o’clock position.

Remove Any Debris

After setting the final drive plugs, you should go through and remove any debris. Next you will loosen the final drive plugs. If you have issues with loosening them, carefully use a high-torque wrench.

Remove the Plugs

Once you are done removing any debris, remove both final drive plugs. The plug that is arranged at the three o’clock (or nine o’clock) spot is used for venting. The oil will then drain out of the six o’clock spot. To do this properly, remove the bottom plug of the final drive first, then remove the top plug very slowly.

Check for Metallic Parts

When the gear oil is being drained, check to see if there are any metallic parts in the oil. If there are any parts in the oil, then there is an issue with condition of the gear hub.

Rearrange the Openings

Before you add new oil, move the positions of the final drive openings to the 12 o’clock and three o’clock (or nine o’clock) positions.

Never Mix Oil

It’s also important to know that you should never mix different types of gear oils for a final drive motor. This can cause some serious issues with how your final drive runs.

Add the New Oil

When you are ready to add the new oil, do so at the 12 o’clock opening till it starts to run out of the three o’clock (or nine o’clock) spot. The goal is to have the drive filled halfway of the cover plate - do not overfill!

Check for Leaks

Another tip for changing gear oil in the final drive is to check for any leaks in the mail hub mechanical seal. Leakage can be a sign of a major issue with your final drive, so make sure you get it inspected if you notice this.

Replace the Plugs

After you have added the gear oil to your final drive, the final step is to replace the plugs. While you should check your gear oil frequently, you will usually have to complete this process once a year.

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