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The Differences Between Travel Motors and Final Drive Motors
There are many key components that
comprise an excavator, and it can be easy to mix them up. For example, travel motors and final drive motors are two terms that shouldn’t be used interchangeably since they each have different functions. Learn all about the differences between travel motors and final drive motors in this informative guide.

Travel Motors

A travel motoris a part of an excavator’s hydraulic drive system, whose power source is the machine's main hydraulic pump. As a result of the travel motors’ power, the final drive is then able to use it and turn the power into torque. The travel motor is a key component in the function of an excavator by playing a major role in fueling the final drive motor. However, it doesn’t perform the same function as a final drive.

Final Drive Motors

Speaking of which, a final drive comprises many gears and is located adjacent to, and works in conjunction with, the excavator’s travel motor. The integrated final drive motor’s purpose is to provide enough power to allow an excavator to turn its tracks on a construction site. There are two key integrated components of a final drive motor: the hydraulic travel motor and the final drive gear box.

The differences between travel motors and final drive motors come down to their functions. While the two are related, it’s certainly important to know what sets them apart when getting new parts. When referring to a final drive motor, this typically means the hydraulic motor and the planetary gear hub, while a travel motor signifies only a hydraulic motor. If you are in need of Quality travel motors and final drive parts, Mini Final Drives is a great place to find the excavator parts you are looking for from top brands like Bobcat, John Deere, Caterpillar, and others.

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