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Steps for How to Remove a Final Drive

Steps for How to Remove a Final Drive
There are plenty of instances when you might need to remove a final drive from your excavator. For a first-timer, due to the weight and the unknown processes, removing a final drive can appear to be a time-consuming effort, but we've tried to make it a little bit easier on you with these steps for how to remove a final drive that you can follow ahead.

Step 1: Remove the Track

The first step for how to remove a final drive is to loosen and remove the tracks. After this, you will then want to loosen the sprocket bolts and remove the sprocket. Then move to the undercarriage side of the final drive motor and remove the motor cover rock guard plate.

Step 2: Support the Weight

As you prepare to remove the final drive, you will want to use a sling to support its weight. Final drives are known to be heavy, which is why you want to place the sling there. Plus, a sling will make the final drive easier to remove.

Step 3: Mark Hydraulic Hoses

The next step when removing your final drive is to mark the hydraulic hoses with some form of color-coordination. This will make things easier when you install your new final drive later. Once you have labeled the hoses, remove them. To prevent contamination, make sure you’ve capped the hoses and plugged the ports of the hydraulic motor. In general, be sure that your machine's hydraulic fluids, filters, etc. are in pristine condition before preparing to replace the final drive.

Step 4: Remove Bolts from the Frame

Now that you have completed the previous steps, you can remove the bolts that attach the final drive to the frame. Once the bolts free from the frame, you can then carefully pull out the final drive. If you have any trouble removing the final drive, go on the outside of the track frame and lever it carefully so you don’t damage it.

Step 5: Put the Final Drive Back On

The final step is to install your brand-new final drive. For this, you will need to complete the steps we just went over—but in reverse order. Removing excavator final drive parts can be seem challenging, but hopefully, this guide will help to make it a little bit easier.

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