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Reasons Why Final Drive Bearings Fail
Final drive bearings serve a variety of different purposes such as alignment, reducing friction, and more. However, final drive bearing failure is known to happen, but it can be prevented if you can anticipate it and take corrective action. So, learn some of the reasons why final drive bearings failand how to avoid costly repairs and damage that can occur.

Worn Out Over Time

Unfortunately, final drive bearings don’t last forever, which is why their age could be the reason behind their failure. Final drive bearings are bound to wear out since they are used to safeguard expensive final drive parts. To avoid bearing failure from wear and tear, replace it when necessary based on manufacturer or engineer recommendations.

Poor Installation

The next reason why final drive bearings fail is that the final drive might have gone through incorrect installation or undercarriage misalignment. Poor final drive installation or improperly maintained undercarriages can cause a final drive bearing to wear out much sooner with improper preload, misalignment, and more.


Like most parts of a final drive, contamination could be the cause of bearing failure as well. Contamination can occur in the lubricant, and contaminants can be anything from flakes of rust to small water droplets. The best thing you can do to keep contaminants out of your lubricant is to inspect the texture of the liquid and replace it if you notice anything different, along with regular maintenance.

No Lubrication

In addition to having contaminants in your lubricant, your final drive bearing could also be suffering from little or no lubrication. Lubricant is a vital component of a properly functioning final drive, and not having enough lubrication can cause excessive friction and heat. Make sure lubricant levels are sufficient and up to date on change intervals, so your final drive can function the way it should.

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