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Potential Causes of a Weak Travel Motor
A travel motor is an essential part of an excavator, which is a powerful piece of machinery used in many construction projects. There can be instances where your excavator is not up to operational speed, and the issue may lie in the travel motor. To detect the problem, here are some potential causes of a weak travel motor.

No Hydraulic Pressure

One potential cause of a weak travel motor may be due to receiving inadequate hydraulic pressure from the main pump or portioning valves. This is an incredibly common problem, and the best thing you can do is frequently check your machine's hydraulic pressures, including to the travel motor’s circuit. This can be done by checking the service manual for your travel motor’s ideal and appropriate pressure.

Trapped in High-Speed Mode

Another cause of a weak travel motor may be due to it being trapped in high-speed mode. Some signs that your travel motor may be stuck in high-speed mode include the vehicle only steering to one side or issues climbing steep grades.

Too Much Friction

Your travel motor may also have issues because of too much friction. This is typically caused by there being too much track tension, which requires more power for it to function. However, rollers and idlers that are in poor condition may also cause excessive friction.This may also be caused by internal parts failing and binding and reducing efficiency in the final drive gearbox or travel motor.

Weak Charge Pump

A weak charge pump is another possible reason why your travel motor is weak on a track loader. A way to indicate if the issue lies with the charge pump is if you hear screeching noise in addition to a power outage. If this is the cause, then it will feel like you are driving with the emergency brake on because there isn’t enough pressure being applied by the charge pump.

Worn-Out Travel Motor

Another common cause of a weak travel motor is often due to it becoming worn out. This condition is often due to excessive use and/or poor maintenance. This cause is inevitable, so you may be in the market for new parts. Mini Final Drivers offers a great catalog of Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota, Takeuchi, Yanmar, and Bobcat travel motor parts for your excavator.

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