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FREE SHIPPING in the 48 US States----------------------------------IN STOCK NOW in our warehouse in NC, USA---------------SAME DAY SHIPPING if ordered by 2PM ET M-F

FREE SHIPPING in the 48 US States----------------------------------IN STOCK NOW in our warehouse in NC, USA---------------SAME DAY SHIPPING if ordered by 2PM ET M-F

Buying Bobcat Parts: The Questions That You Should Ask Ahead Of Time

April 26, 2023

Buying Bobcat Parts: What to Know

final drive motor for a bobcatBobcat machines are not small investments. These are heavy-duty pieces of equipment and often require a good bit of long-term maintenance. A malfunctioning Bobcat machine affects the regular flow of business. Not only does this situation take your attention away from routine operations, but your company’s bottom line will be affected as well. If the solution to getting your Bobcat compact excavator or another piece of heavy equipment back in service involves purchasing replacement parts, then carefully consider your next steps.
Construction equipment naturally experiences a good deal of wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean that “broken” machines need to be thrown away or trashed. Here are some of the questions to ask and the steps to take when buying replacement Bobcat parts.

What Part Is Needed?

The first step in getting your Bobcat machine back to normal is identifying the problem. This sounds simple enough, but it can be deceiving. For example, don’t automatically assume that a weak travel motor means it’s time for a replacement. This problem can be caused by the travel motor not receiving sufficient hydraulic pressure from the main pump or the portioning valves. In other words, exhaust all other possibilities before spending time and money on a replacement part. Take the time to troubleshoot before ordering anything.

Identify The Correct Part

If a replacement part for your Bobcat equipment becomes necessary, don’t assume that all similar components will work. First, identify the model number for your skid steer loader, mini track loader, or other piece of heavy equipment. Is it a Bobcat 753? Perhaps a Bobcat T550 or T870? Next, determine the serial number for your Bobcat and its manufacture date.

When replacing a final drive motor, look for the identification tag to determine the manufacturer and model number. Also, identify the number of hydraulic hose connections to verify if you have a dual-speed final drive. Lastly, look at the sprocket and undercarriage flanges and note the number of holes and the size of the screws.

Have all this information on hand so your part supplier can confirm the exact item you need.

Who’s Selling the Bobcat Part

When you search for a part, like a final drive motor for a Bobcat on the web, you’ll probably be surprised by how many options are available. However, the fact is that when there are that many people offering the same product, some are bound to be offering something a bit too good to be true. This is not always because people are out to scam you — though this can certainly be the case. Some people sell motors online without really knowing what they’re offering. If you yourself aren’t an expert on the subject, and you buy from a secondhand seller or another type of private individual, you may very well end up with a product that doesn’t suit your needs, or is lower in quality than you expected. Working with a company rather than single person also tends to protect you more — companies offering return and refund policies. You can research a company’s credibility and know what you’re buying and that it will get to you in time with much more confidence than you would have otherwise.

The Bobcat Company is owned by South Korea-based Doosan, one of the largest heavy equipment manufacturers globally. Other major manufacturers include Caterpillar, John Deere, and Kubota. These companies’ significant presence helps ensure that Bobcat parts are available through Bobcat dealers and other companies that specialize in aftermarket and replacement parts.

Should I Buy Used Or New Bobcat Parts?

One of the reasons why you need to work with a credible seller is that there is a huge market for used Bobcat parts. While used parts are not necessarily bad — many of them are taken from machines that were scrapped for unrelated reasons — they do need to be properly tested before they’re sold.

That’s why buying from the right seller is just as important as purchasing the correct replacement part. If you’re thinking of buying used, look for a seller that’s reputable and also takes the time to advise you, offering money-saving tips and advice on how to make the best use of available parts. For example, a Bobcat dealer may only be able to sell you a brand-new Bobcat final drive—a perfect scenario if this is precisely what you want.

On the other hand, a third-party business specializing in heavy equipment parts may be able to get you the same used final drive for less. Or they may be able to suggest lower-cost alternatives like new, compatible aftermarket parts or remanufactured components.

There are definitely advantages to buying a product brand new — you’ll be more sure about what you’re getting and you’ll get a long warranty. A used product is often less expensive, and offers the same or similar results, but carries more risk, especially if there is little to no warranty.

Installation Help

Depending on your skills and comfort level, you may choose to install a replacement part on your own. Whether you’ve installed a final drive or another major component before or you’re attempting to do so for the first time, having installation support can be a lifesaver and headache reducer. Look for a seller that provides installation help over the phone or online.

Post-Purchase Support

Even beyond installation help, a professional parts dealer — whether they’re selling new or used parts – can provide post-purchase assistance. This aid can include on-going technical support, advice on service and maintenance, and down-the-road help with troubleshooting. Look for a seller that has a reputation for going beyond the sale.

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