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Common Causes of Failure for a Final Drive

Common Causes of Failure for a Final Drive

Used in excavators, a final drive is an important part of construction work, and it needs to operate at 100 percent. There are issues that can occur due to your final drive malfunctioning. To avoid any complications that could delay construction work, here are some common causes of failure for a final drive.

Worn Out Parts

Over time, parts are prone to wear out after lots of use. This is a common cause of failure for a final drive. There are some specific parts you need to keep an eye on, including:

  • Bearings
  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • Seals

Poor Maintenance

With any piece of equipment, it’s important that you take care of the final drive parts because they aren’t cheap. Some important maintenance includes checking for oil leaks, examining the case drain filter, as well as changing out and checking the gear oil.

Lack of Oil

Another reason why you might be suffering from final drive failure is a lack of oil. Not having enough oil in your final drive will cause its parts to wear down faster. This is why regular maintenance is essential, so make it a habit to check your oil levels.

Too Much Oil

As it turns out, there can also be issues if you have too much oil in the final drive’s hub. The problem with too much oil is it will push out the seal when the temperature rises. So, be very careful when you are filling up your final drive with oil so there isn’t too much or too little.


The final reason why your final drive might be failing on you is if it’s contaminated. This issue tends to develop when the final drive parts or other machine components have experienced a lot of use, which builds up metal dust. To avoid final drive contamination, routinely inspect your oil an parts for signs of metallic debris or dust and use new clean lubrication and filters so you can reduce your chances of a catastrophic failure.

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