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Keeping Construction Equipment in Great Condition

Yanmar B27

When you own and operate a large construction company, your excavators and other heavy equipment are important. In fact, there are many companies that require maintenance and repair of heavier equipment, to a total of around $29 billion in 2009 alone.

Why is repair and maintenance so important to your heavy equipment? From your classic Yanmar B27 to other models of excavators and other machinery, you know that your company only operates as well as your lowest-functioning machinery. Maintenance is extremely important; here are a few reasons why.

You Lose Revenue Otherwise

When you have a job that requires certain machinery but you have equipment out of order because parts have gone broken or the machinery is outdated or lacking care, you lose money. You lose revenue to job loss and client projects have gone undone and you lose revenue because you have to invest some of your funds on replacement equipment.

Whether you have a need for a final drive motor or you need new parts for your Yanmar B27, you have to have your equipment at the ready for any upcoming and current job. To keep your revenue growing steadily, speak to your trusted parts supplier about travel motors for your more common brands, including Caterpillar final drives.

You Lose Out on Your Investment Otherwise

Your machines equipped with hydraulic travel motors are expensive and require a large part of your profits to replace. You want to protect your investment in the best way possible, which is best done by keeping the machinery you already have in great condition.

You do this by making sure you have the right replacement parts for the models and makes of excavators and other machines you have, such as Komatsu final drive travel motors. When you have questions about the quality or durability of the machinery you have, ask your supplier or large equipment seller. They will put you in the right direction.

There many ways you can protect your Yanmar mini excavator or other type of excavator from wear and tear so you get the most out of your machine. Our family at Mini Final Drives has been providing excellent Quality, Value, and Service for over 50 years, and you can continue to count on us for a lifetime of friendly, helpful support for all your final drive and travel motor needs. Call us today at 877-483-2806 or visit our online store at to find and order what you need today for Fast and Free delivery to your door.