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Troubleshooting Your Final Drive Motor: Do You Need an Upgrade?

final drive motor for a bobcatIf you own and operate excavating machinery, you'll already know how vital a final drive motor for a Bobcat can be. Without it, you won't be able to get the job done (or even started). But how do you know when a small problem will require merely a bit of TLC or whether it's time to start looking at replacement final drive motors? Here are a few signs that the end may be near and that you'll need a new final drive motor for a Bobcat before too long.

Curious Noises

Heavy equipment is inherently loud. We all know that. But there's a big difference between the normal sounds you might hear when excavating and some distinctive noises that emanate specifically from your final drive. If you notice significant vibrations or hear a high squeaking noise, chances are that there's a substantial problem that needs attention. That said, it can be tough to diagnose the issue. It could be attributed to anything from worn-out bearings or a lack of gear oil to loose sprockets and weak charge pumps. But in many cases, what you hear won't be good news -- and it may be time to get your drive replaced.

Excessive Heat

Noticeable heat can also be problematic. If you, for example, should see that water instantly evaporates after touching the final drive, that's certainly not a good sign. Although it could be due to insufficient fluid or brake issues, the bottom line is that this overheating is an indicator that you need to take action quickly. If you don't start seeking out a new final drive motor for a Bobcat at this point, you could really be doing a major detriment to your operations.

Long-Term Leakage

Under normal circumstances, the gear oil for your final drive should be changed at least once per year. But frequent oil changing won't make up for a leak in your drive. A new leak doesn't necessarily mean you'll need to replace your drive right away, though. It does mean you'll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you've let a leak go unaddressed for a prolonged period, this can allow fluids and oils to escape and lets contaminants take hold. Left alone for long enough, this can spell disaster for your drive. For those who know they've been lax in their maintenance, the damage may be too substantial for you to save the drive.

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