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Bobcat E50 vs E55 Models: What to Know

bobcat e50 and e55Construction remains one of the biggest industries in the United States. In fact, there were about 426,000 jobs in the construction equipment operation industry in 2016 alone. And with the industry booming, construction equipment continues to get better. In this article, we're going to compare the Bobcat E50 and E55 compact excavators.

Bobcat E50

Among the four-to-five ton size category, the Bobcat E50 is one of the best. These excavators are equipped with 49.8 horsepower and can reach 19.5 feet when at ground level. This machine is a great option in areas with limited space to work with -- its compact size and minimal tail swing allow the operator to work efficiently in tight areas with optimal digging execution. Additionally, there is an option to add on a long arm for work sites that require a further reach. All in all, this excavator features desireable hydraulics, including powerful final drive motors, in a convenient machine size.

Bobcat E55

Comparable to the Bobcat E55, the E50 model also offers great power in a compact excavator size. This model is equipped with a conventional tail swing, which is ideal for tight spaces. With this tail swing, machine operators can easily maneuver the machine throughout small spaces, including tight work sites and even doors or entryways. One of the many great things about this machine is that users can have a longer reach by investing in an extendable-arm and they don't have to use an entirely different machine. With 49.8 horsepower, this model has great power for such a small machine.

As you can see, both the Bobcat E50 and E55 models offer advantageous features, especially for those working at smaller sites. So while these two models vary slightly, both are great options for a variety of reasons.

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