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Excavator Glossary: 4 Terms You Should Know

Excavators are depended on quite heavily in the construction industry. With a net rated power spanning between 14.5 horsepower and 512 horsepower, they are capable of keeping up with the toughest jobs. Though you may recognize excavator and mini excavator brands -- such as John Deere, Caterpillar, Bobcat, and Komatsu --, you may not be very familiar with the terminology surrounding the durable equipment. Let's take a look at four important terms you may come across when researching excavators.

  • Final Drive Travel Motor: Final drives are one of the most important parts of an excavator; they are comprised of a hydraulic motor and a speed-reducing planetary gear system. Whether you use Komatsu final drive travel motors or Bobcat final drive travel motors, they provide the torque needed to move the tracks and propel the machine. Travel motors define the hydraulic motor that interfaces with the final drive to achieve this outcome. Though many people favor John Deere and Komatsu final drive travel motors, they all perform the same function.

  • Grousers: Tread is extremely important when it comes to excavators. Because they operate in a variety of terrains, they need tracks that can maintain grip regardless of the material; grousers are the protruding rib-like structures on the tracks of an excavator -- like the tread on a tire -- designed to increase traction.

  • House: The house of an excavator includes the cab, counterweights, fuel tank, hydraulic tank, and the engine. It sits on top of the undercarriage.

  • Swamp Pad: Grousers can only get you so far. In situations where the ground is wet and soft, swamp pads are placed to help better distribute the weight of the machine and prevent the tracks from sinking into the ground. Essentially, they are just large, wooden pads that are used beneath an excavator's tracks.

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