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Mini Excavator Maintenance: Tips you Need to Know

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Back in 2009, just one years worth of machinery maintenance and repairs for heavy equipment totaled to right around $29 billion - and that was just in the United States. If you want to avoid costly fixes and high priced service fees, make certain you regularly invest in affordable maintenance for your machines.

Mini excavators are highly useful in construction-type settings, and they offer a way to utilize an excavator, without having to navigate a huge, heavy piece of machinery around a crowded site. They pack a lot of power into a smaller package, enabling workers to get the job done, only with much less hassle.

They also tend to last longer than their regular-sized counterparts because the work they are used for is less intense. All in all, they serve an important purpose, but they must be well maintained to ensure a long and helpful lifespan.

Check out these tips for keeping your Bobcat, Caterpillar, or another popularly branded unit in tip-top shape for the long haul.

Regularly Check and Change Final Drive Motor Oil

Your drive motor clearly needs to be working well if your unit is going to stand the test of time, so be sure to check your excavator drive motor oil regularly. If it looks like the oil needs to be changed out, do not hesitate to get the job done.

Your excavator drive motor will stay working efficiently for much longer if you keep up with oil changes. Check the final drive gear oil once every 100 hours or so (or once per month), and change it at least once per year.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

When it comes to scheduling professional care, consider taking your excavator in every six months for a routine inspection or check-up. The sooner you note any damages or other issues, the more likely you will be able to invest in an affordable fix. All in all, finding a professional to handle any and all of your faulty final drive parts and repair work is a must.

Daily and Weekly Maintenance

You should also perform daily and weekly maintenance on your systems. Consider checking the air filter, engine, fuel and cooling systems, body/framework, attachments, electrical systems, and hydraulics every day. Weekly checks should include all of these, plus checking on tracks and tension, as well as lubricating parts, as necessary.

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