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Operating Heavy Machinery In the Cold: Safety and Maintenance Tips

drive motorsThe construction equipment industry is projected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026. Operating excavators and other heavy machinery require a lot of knowledge, maintenance, and most importantly: an emphasis on safety.

Though nicer weather is slowly approaching, we still have plenty of chilly days ahead and it's important that everyone working within the construction equipment sector is fully aware of how to handle and maintain heavy equipment during the cold.

Frigid temperatures can ruin a machine's traction, tire pressure, oil and travel motors, and more. It's important to change the oil in final drive motors at least once a year, but during long periods of cold temperatures, you might need to have your drive motors and oil inspected or changed more often.

Extremely cold temperatures can cause all sorts of problems for the machines in use, but can also lead to serious health concerns for heavy machine operators. Winter dehydration, immersion foot syndrome, frostbite, exhaustion, and so much more can occur in operators working in icy, snowy, and frigid conditions.

Here are some safety tips for heavy equipment operators to keep in mind:

  • Perform regular maintenance checks -- Even in perfect weather conditions, heavy machine operators need to regularly inspect every inch of their machines. During the winter, however, these checks are even more vital. Neglecting to inspect equipment prior to use could result in serious injuries.

  • Get plenty of rest -- Working in the cold and snow can be even more exhausting than normal. Schedule breaks for yourself and your entire time to regain your energy. Since tired machine operators are extremely dangerous, it's imperative that everyone is well-rested and capable of full concentration.

  • Pack plenty of extra clothing -- Dressing warm during freezing temperatures is a given, but wearing the same clothes during an 8-hour day won't cut it. You'll need to change your gloves, socks, and more every few hours to keep your body temperature warm.

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