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Importance of Quality Final Drive Motors For a Komatsu Excavator

The construction equipment industry is projected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026. In 2016 alone, the number of jobs in the construction equipment operation industry was roughly 426,000 -- and those numbers will likely only increase as more and more organizations perform various minor and major construction tasks. For years, Komatsu Limited has been a major contributor to the global construction equipment sector. Thanks to high-quality components like Komatsu final drive travel motors, their excavators are extremely powerful, reliable, and effective for a wide range of construction-related projects.

If you're utilizing any of these powerful machines for construction jobs, it's important to choose an excavator parts supplier with the right final drive motors for a Komatsu.

Since excavators are such an important part of the construction sector, you should be aware of these machines and their performance abilities. Here is some information on Komatsu excavators:

Sizes -- Excavators come in three main sizes, including: large excavators, mid-size (midi) excavators, and compact (mini) excavators.

Power -- An excavator's net rated power can range from 14.5 horsepower to as much as 512 horsepower, providing the ability to perform extremely powerful construction-related tasks.

Capability -- When it comes to digging, the largest excavators can reach max digging depths of roughly 32 feet deep.

Weight -- Excavator machines can weight anywhere between 3,790 pounds (compact/mini) to 188,716 pounds (large).

Final drive motors for a Komatsu can help ensure that these powerful machines are functioning properly and performing top-of-the-line construction projects for your organization, community, or industry.

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