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3 Important Tips For Maintaining The Final Drive Motor For A Komatsu

The performance of the final drive motor for a Komatsu is extremely important for the success of a construction project. Proper maintenance extends to the life of the final drive motor, saves money by avoiding costly repairs, and keeps the Komatsu equipment running efficiently. Discover the three important areas of maintenance in a final drive motor for a Komatsu and be sure to apply them to your pieces of equipment.

  1. Check For Hydraulic Leaks

    A final drive can experience hydraulic leaks that can endanger the final drive motor. The easiest way to detect any leaks quickly is for the vehicle operator to do a daily walk around. Hydraulic leaks occur when a very thin fluid comes from a leaking hose or an issue in the hydraulic portion of your final drive. When there is an excessive amount of leaking fluid, it is most likely hydraulic fluid. A leaking hose is a relatively easy problem to fix. If the hydraulic leak isn't coming from there, a clogged case drain filter or seal failure is most likely causing it.

  2. Check Gear Oil Leaks And Levels

    The gear oil needs to be checked for leaks and proper level in order to maintain the functioning of a final drive motor for a Komatsu. You can detect a gear oil leak by checking for oil behind the sprocket or oil dripping onto the tracks of a tracked machine. Gear oil leaks are typically linked to the mechanical face seal and should be addressed immediately. For every 100 hours of operation, you should check the gear oil level in your final drive. On the cover plate of a final drive motor, there are two or three plugs. Arrange the final drive so that one plug is at the 12 o'clock position and one is at the three. Remove the plugs slowly and check that the gear oil is at a sufficient level. When the oil runs out of the three o'clock opening, it is the right level.

  3. Change Gear Oil

    All of the Bobcat final drive gear oil should be changed at least once a year. Change the oil when the oil is warm, as it will be easier to drain out. The final drive should be arranged with the plugs at the three o'clock and six o'clock positions so that the old oil drains out of the six o'clock opening. Switch the positioning so that the plugs are at three o'clock at 12 o'clock and add fresh gear oil into the 12 o'clock opening until it reaches the three.

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