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Construction Equipment Outlook: Bobcat E32 and E35

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Construction and agricultural machinery is an essential aspect of dozens of industry sectors across the globe. Without fully functioning and high-quality machinery products, many of the world's most magnificent structures, as well as individual construction sites, would be at risk of never reaching completion.

In 2009, the revenue of machinery maintenance and heavy equipment repair services in the U.S. totaled around $29 billion. Bobcat has been doing a great job for 70 years of providing individuals and construction organizations with quality construction equipment from final drive travel motors to powerful excavators.

Excavators come in three sizes: compact (mini) excavators, mid-size excavators, and large excavators. They can weight anywhere in between 3,790 pounds to 188,716 pounds; have net rated power ranging between 14.5 horsepower to 512 horsepower; and can even reach max digging depths of approximately 32 feet. Let's take a look at the Bobcat E32 and Bobcat E35 excavators:

Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator

This excavator is part of Bobcat's R-Series and packs quite a powerful punch of both performance and maneuverability. With its conventional tail swing design, the Bobcat E32 can work great for projects with typical width restrictions like gates and doors. This machine is narrower than the Bobcat E35. Here are some of the Bobcat E32 performance features:

●Advanced Hydraulics

●Predicable Control

●Blade Float

●Integrated Rear Counterweight

●2-Speed Travel

●Dual Flange Roller System

●Fingertip Boom Swing Control

●Deluxe Instrumentation

●Depth Check System

●Multiple Arm Configurations

●Extendable Arm

Bobcat E35 Compact Excavator

Another product of Bobcat's R-Series, this mini exactor is one of the most popular options within the 3-ton size class. Its Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) provides unrestricted rotation, greater flexibility, and reduced potential for damage to both the surrounding area and the machine itself. Though the Bobcat E35 and E32 are similar, they do have a few differences when it comes to performance features, including:

●Angle Blade

●Clamp-Ready Extendable Arm (and Long Arm)

●Upgrade to an optional 33 horsepower engine for more productivity

From final drive motors and travel motors to excavators, make sure you're working with quality construction equipment providers. If you want to learn more about Bobcat final drive travel motors or learn more about a Bobcat E32 excavator or Bobcat E35 excavator, give Mini Final Drives a call today.

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