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How Undercarriage Condition Impacts Travel Motors

How Undercarriage Condition Impacts Travel Motors

An undercarriage is a vital part of a travel motor and the excavator as a whole for every brand, from Caterpillar to Bobcat, John Deere and Kubota. However, because it isn’t visible, it’s often forgotten. However, various issues can arise from this—these issues may even destroy your travel motor. Here’s how undercarriage condition impacts travel motors.

Worn-Out Tracks

One of the first ways a travel motor’s undercarriage can impact a travel motor lies with the tracks. If a travel motor’s tracks are rundown after lots of use, it can hinder performance in a big way. Make sure tracks have even wear, so the travel motor can perform properly.

Tight Track Tension

Another part of a travel motor’s undercarriage that can cause issues if it’s not maintained is the track tension. When tracks are too tight, it can weaken a travel motor. One way to notice this issue is if the excavator starts to favor one side over the other or if it’s more difficult for your excavator to travel up an incline. Increasingly difficult obstacles for your excavator are problematic, especially when they are obstacles it should be able to overcome.

Dirty Undercarriage

The most important piece of maintenance for excavators is to clean it and to not neglect the undercarriage—unfortunately, this is something that many people fail to do. When you don’t clean the undercarriage, this could lead to rust, but it can also build up plenty of debris. This debris, in turn, can cause malfunctions and potentially ruin the entire travel motor.

An undercarriage can be an overlooked part of an excavator, but there are many moving parts with the travel motor. This is why regular maintenance is such an important aspect of construction work. Hopefully, after finding out how undercarriage condition impacts travel motors, you can better understand this. To ensure that your excavator runs smoothly, invest in Kayaba final drive parts from Mini Final Drives to keep everything up to date.

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