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How to Properly Clean a Final Drive

How to Properly Clean a Final Drive

Construction sites are typically filled with mud, dirt, and other contaminants that tend to get all over construction equipment. The problem with this is this debris can greatly affect the condition of a final drive. The best way to combat this issue upon deinstallation before rebuilding is cleaning. With the help of several tools, find out how to properly clean a final drive.

Remove Any Debris

The first step in cleaning a final drive is to remove as much debris as possible. Over time, final drives will accumulate cement, rust, mud, clay, and more on the exterior. To remove the buildup, use a pneumatic needle scaler to get rid of the crust that may lie on the final drive’s exterior.

Use a Wash Cabinet

Once you have removed the exterior crust on the final drive with a pneumatic needle scaler, place the final drive in a wash cabinet. The parts wash cabinet features a rotating turntable that a final drive part can be placed on. After the door is shut and a timer is set, the final drive will then be sprayed with detergent at a high temperature and pressure. When the timer goes off, the final drive should have any grease, oil, and other dirt removed.


The last step in cleaning a final drive is to use a method known as sandblasting. To complete this step, place the final drive in a sandblasting cabinet where you can blast it with the use of high pressure. After this step, your final drive will look as good as new and is ready for a full rebuild.

A final drive is a crucial part for excavators and knowing how to properly clean a final drivecan improve its performance and prolong its use. However, if you are in need of aCaterpillar drive motor, Mini Final Drive has the parts for Caterpillar and other top construction equipment brands.

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