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Perks of Using a Caterpillar 303 or 303.5 Final Travel Motor For Your Next Project

caterpillar final drive travel motorsCaterpillar has an extraordinary line of equipment that allows the construction process to move along as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. The Caterpillar 303 and 303.5 are no exception. These models equipped with Caterpillar final drive travel motor deliver quality while managing to keep costs low. If you have ever considered these models, here are the best perks you will receive if you choose these pieces of equipment for your next construction project.

These Caterpillar final drive travel motor models make maintenance a breeze

The Caterpillar 303.5 and 303 excavators with final drive motors have easy access to all of their main components and checkpoints. This useful access makes maintenance easier, allowing you to keep the excavator in tip-top shape year-round. Since maintenance is so significant to the longevity of your equipment, it should never be overlooked. The lifting side hood lets you gain access to the air filter and hydraulic tank, as well as the fuel filter. The swinging door, on the other hand, allows you to check in on the alternator and start motor whenever you please.

Caterpillar 303 and 303.5 excavators are cost-efficient

Conducting routine maintenance is key to keeping excavators in service for longer periods. However, with a 500-hour oil change period, machine downtime and overall costs are lowered. These final drive motors are an excellent investment for those who want to save both time and money in the long term.

The Caterpillar 303 and 305 are comfortable to drive

Aside from ease of access and cost efficiency, these final drives are also comfortable to drive. Operation is seamless while handling this modern-day marvel, thanks to its automatic two-speed function, reclining suspension seat, and spacious environment.

When seeking a Caterpillar Final Drive Travel Motor...

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