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3 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Final Drive

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A final drive motor is a crucial component in making sure your equipment moves properly through your site, and while you may need to replace your final drive over the course of your equipment's service life, there are several key maintenance operations you can undergo in order to extend the service life of your final drive, as well as the overall health of your machine. Particular service requirements will depend on your machine, but these tips will be useful for many final drives, from the IHI 28N to the Case CX47.

Check for Leaks

One of the most crucial maintenance checks is also one of the most easily performed. Operators can check for leaks by doing daily walk arounds of the equipment at the beginning of each shift. The two most common sources of leaks that operators may come across are hydraulic leaks, which involve an excessive amount of fluid, or a leaking hose, or a gear oil leak. Gear oil leaks are considerably more serious and can be detected if the operator finds oil behind the sprocket. Gear oil leaks should be addressed quickly, as they may be tied to the mechanical face seal.

Check and Change the Gear Oil

As with the overall health of the machine, it's crucial to the health of your final drive that you regularly check its oil. Experts say that this ought to be completed about once every 100 service hours in order to ensure the levels and cleanliness of your gear oil. Remember not to overfill, however; a good rule of thumb is that half full is full. Then, about once a year, you should plan on replacing the gear oil altogether. Failure to regularly change your gear oil can result in your gear oil running low, which can cause costly damage to your final drive. You'll also notice a significant deterioration in your gear oil the longer it's allowed to run through your system.

Check the Case Drain Filter

The final important piece of maintenance, particularly for a Bobcat final drive, is being sure to check the case drain filter. An important part of your return line to the hydraulic tank, your case drain filter filters out impurities from your hydraulic fluid. Over time, these impurities can clog the filter, which can lead to hydraulic leaks and catastrophic cascading damage. When you check a Bobcat's case drain filter, be sure to pay special attention to the bronze filter element; if it's no longer bronze colored, it's time for your filter to be replaced.

Of course, a final drive motor for an IHI 28N might not be exactly the same as a final drive motor for a Case CX47 and different makes and models may have different needs and quirks you need to adjust for.

Performing regular maintenance on your final drive motor can save you time and money in the long run, ensuring the service life of your machine and helping it serve you well for years to come. Models like the Case CX47 are known for their nimbleness and maneuverability, and the Case CX47 wouldn't be able to accomplish that without proper care and maintenance of the final drive. Similarly, the IHI 28N is hailed as having big moving power in a small package, but the IHI 28N's no-frills workhorse ability is only achieved through proper care and maintenance.

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