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Expert Advice on Final Drive Motor Maintenance

case cx47The most notable element of a highly reliable Case CX47 final drive motor and travel motor is quality. At Mini Final Drives, we hate to see final drives fail due to improper maintenance.

Here are some tips on upkeep and maintaining your Case CX47 travel motor and other final drives so that they continue to perform well:

Check other areas that could cause the final drive to stop working.

Final drives are a function of your hydraulic system, and thus a failure within this system can impact performance of other components. Your final drive motor may stop functioning correctly if something is wrong with the brakes, tight tracks, charge pumps, or any other hydraulic system component.

Machines with case drain filters need to be replaced whenever any other hydraulic filter is replaced.

Allowing the case drain filter to get clogged can destroy your final drive motor. Once pressure is allowed to build up on the planetary side, this will lead to blown seals and eventually gear oil and hydraulic fluid to mix, causing cover plates to crack and blow off.

Plug it up.

Whenever you need to disconnect the hydraulic line, it is important to keep ports and hoses clean by plugging the ports and hoses with a hydraulic plug. This ultimately keeps your Case final drive motor from becoming contaminated.

Don’t ignore leaks.

Leaks may seem minor, but they can destroy a final drive motor if not fixed right away. It is critical that final drive gear oil is checked regularly, about every 100 hours of operation which is typically once a month. If gear oil leaks out on the planetary side, the planetary gears and bearings will become damaged and may not be able to be repaired.

Keep contaminants away.

Don’t open the final drive in the field unless you first put something down on the surface, like plywood, to prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminates from being introduced in the system. Not only will contamination reduce the final drive’s overall efficiency and performance, but if it is a new machine, which has a low tolerance, contaminants can destroy the Case CX47.

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