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The Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U: What Are The Benefits Of This Compact Excavator?

Your mini excavator is an important part of your construction project. It provides versatility because of its many uses in different construction projects and jobs.

But you can't use just any mini excavator in your construction. You need a high-quality machine that's capable of getting the job done from start to finish. That's where the Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U comes in.

What makes the Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U a great excavator?

The Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U is small and compact without sacrificing any of its big-time performance that you need. This compact excavator has received real-world practical improvements to make working on your construction jobs that much easier.

In the Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U, you get to work in a spacious cab with a wide entry that's easy to climb into. You're also able to see better.

The Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U is up to emission standards so you don't have to worry about your carbon footprint. This excavator is fuel-efficient and reliable.

What's more, the Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U makes maintenance that much easier because of improved access to coolers and other mechanical enhancements. This mini excavator is built to last with the same standards as larger excavators. When you use the Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U, you can feel confident in your machine's durability, reliability, and efficiency during operation.

What kind of features does the Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U offer?

The Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U offers a wide variety of high-quality features. These features include:

  • A Yanmar diesel engine. The excavator's Yanmar diesel engine meets EPA Final Tier 4 emission regulations and it's easy to maintain. The engine also doesn't require any special additional fluids. It only needs ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and CJ-4 engine oil.

  • A durable structure and undercarriage. The Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U has backfill blades that let it fill in for a grading tractor when necessary. It also has all-hydraulic blade angles of 25 degrees for efficient backfilling and grading.

  • Simple controls. The Hitachi Zaxis ZX35U has a control-pattern selector valve that's located in the compartment under your seat. you can switch from backhoe to excavator-style controls easily.

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