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Model Overview: The Case CX25 and CX27B

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When you're looking for an excavator, you want to be sure you've got the right model for the job. Not all excavators will be suited for every job, so you'll want to check out a few different pieces of equipment and learn about their specifications before choosing one to use. To get you started, use this brief guide to learn about the Case CX25 and CX27B excavators.


Both the CX25 and CX27B are a similar size, with the CX25 having a shipping length of 13.55 feet and height of 7.88 feet. Likewise, the CX27B has a shipping length of 13.92 feet and height of 8.21 feet. While excavators can weigh anywhere in between 3,790 pounds to 188,716 pounds, these two excavators measure up the same, with both weighing in at 5,556 pounds. Both have a shoe size of 9.85 inches as well. Where these two excavators start to vary is in their engine, which slightly impacts their performance and can help you decide if either of these excavators is the right one for you and your needs.


While the Case CX25 and CX27B are similar in a great many ways, they use two different engine models that adjust their overall specifications. The Case CX25 uses a 3TNE74 engine, while the CX27B uses a 3TNV82-A-SYB. This results in the two using different final drive motors, as well as having slightly different performance. The CX27B has a slightly increased maximum torque and provides a bit of additional power over the CX25. The change in engine also slightly impacts fuel usage, but beyond these small differences, the two are largely equivalent in performance, assuming you're using the correct final drive motors and parts for your machine.

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