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The Yanmar B27: Important Information and Maintenance Tips

yanmar b27Each year, machines and equipment for construction and agricultural purposes are bought all around the world. In fact, in 2017 alone, it was expected that around 809,000 construction machines would be sold worldwide. And perhaps some of the most common, and most useful, construction machines are excavators. So let's take a closer look at the importance of excavators and one model, in particular, the Yanmar B27.

What Are Excavators Used for?

Excavators are key to helping construction workers get projects done quickly and efficiently. While excavators are commonly used for digging, they can also be used for a wide variety of other jobs including demolition, brush cutting, material handling, and more. These machines come in several sizes with different traction levels to be used in different job sites. For smaller, tighter work sites with minimal space to move around, mini excavators are a great choice. Overall, these machines are a staple in the construction industry.

Why Choose the Yanmar B27?

Yanmar has been developing construction equipment for more than 100 years. Their modern machines are durable, innovative, and are built to withstand tough jobs, The B27 model has a max digging depth of over eight feet, a 45-liter fuel tank, and weighs around 5,800 pounds, making it a great option for a mini excavator. All of Yanmar's machines are packed with plenty of power and are easy to maintain. The B27 is perfect for tight workspaces and is equipped with a cab design that offers high visibility.

Important Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the Yanmar B27 is simple, but important. All excavators require regular maintenance to remain in good working condition. Users should always inspect and clean the undercarriage before and after each use -- excavator drive motors should be inspected for damage and replaced as needed. Track tension should be maintained and digging procedures and regulations should always be followed for both user and machine safety.

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