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Taking Care of Your Final Drive Motor For a Komatsu Excavator

Final Drive Motor For a KomatsuFinal drive motors for a Komatsu excavator need to be maintained and operated correctly in order to ensure the machine's power and efficiency.

When it comes to Komatsu excavators and similar machines, you need to ensure that you're properly handling their final drive motors. So how can you take care of final drive motors for a Komatsu excavator?

First, you need to inspect your final drive gear oil at least once a month or after 100 hours of operation. Also, it's important to change your Komatsu's final drive gear oil at least once a year.

Additionally, though some excavator operators believe grease is a quick and easy solution to a leaking seal, you should never use grease as a replacement to final drive motors. Using grease instead of oil can only provide temporary relief, and will lead to serious problems down the line. If grease is packed into the final drive's gear hub, there are two possible scenarios that will take place:

Excessive Lubricant

Too much grease will result in churning, which subsequently leads to the gears and bearings being forced to overcome the resistance that comes along with high speeds and all that extra grease. Grease packing where oil is supposed to be used will, in turn, lead to a destructive cycle of overheating and increased friction.

Lubricant Starvation

When it comes to final drive motors for a Komatsu, there needs to be enough lubricant distributed throughout to protect all the components within the gear hub. The grease will stay where it is and won't distribute evenly like gear oil does. Additionally, if you're using grease, when the final drive starts up, it will likely dry run because the majority of the grease will have begun to settle, thus not providing enough lubrication to protect everything during operation or startup.

Let's take a look at two Komatsu mini excavators that offer exceptional performance:

Komatsu PC35MR-2

  • Net Power -- 29.1 horsepower.
  • Operating Weight -- 8,245 lb.

Komatsu PC35MR-3

  • Net Power -- 29 horsepower.
  • Operating Weight -- 7,909 lb.

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