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Construction Equipment Sector: In-Depth Look At The Takeuchi TB135 Mini Excavator

Excavators are powerful machines used throughout the global construction and agriculture industry. These machines come in three sizes: compact (mini), mid-size (midi), and large. There are a few organizations that manufacture the world's most powerful and efficient excavators, including John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, and, the maker of the TB135, Takeuchi.

Takeuchi TB135

Before we look at some of the specifics of the Takeuchi TB135, it's important to note that hydraulic travel motors are an essential part of just about any excavator. Final drive travel motors rely on gear oil, and that oil needs to be changed at least once a year and inspected at least once a month, or after 100 hours of operation. If you're not taking care of all the machine's components within the excavator, you're risking both performance and efficiency issues.

Here are some important specifications of the TB135:

  • Max digging depth -- 11.17 ft.

  • Shipping length -- 16.58 ft.

  • Max loading height -- 12.5 ft.

  • Operating weight -- 7,831 lb.

  • Cooling system fluid capacity -- 1.5 gal.

  • Operating voltage -- 12 V.

  • Tail swing radius -- 4.58 ft.

  • Shoe size -- 14 in.

  • Number of cylinders -- 3.

  • Power measured -- 2,300 rpm.

  • Max torque -- 79 lb.

  • Gross power -- 27.8 hp.

  • Hydraulic system relief valve pressure -- 3,000 psi.

  • Swing speed -- 9.2 rpm.

As long as you're taking care of your machines from the gear oil to its exterior, it should be working fine for years. If you want to learn more about the Takeuchi TB135 or how to take better care of travel motors, inspect for leaks, and ensure drain filter performance, make sure you're getting the best quality, value, and service available. We also have a great article about Takeuchi TB125 and its specs.

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