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3 Tips For Taking Better Care of Your Caterpillar Final Drive Travel Motor

caterpillar final drive travel motor

Caterpillar machines are great for all kinds of construction tasks and landscaping projects. Though you should make sure that each and every aspect of your heavy machinery is functioning properly, it's best to give a little more attention and care to your Caterpillar final drive travel motor.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to taking better care of your Caterpillar final drive travel motors:

  • Never ignore final drive leaks -- Final drive gear oil should be inspected at least once a month or after 100 hours of operation. If you notice any leaks, you need to act quickly in order to avoid costly issues later on. As soon as gear oil or hydraulic fluid starts leaking, sludge and silt will end up eating away all the components within your final drive motor. Find out where any and all leaks are coming from and replace the seals as soon as possible.

  • Pay attention to weird noises or vibrations -- If your Caterpillar final drive travel motor starts making strange sounds or vibrations, that could mean that a bearing is breaking down and about to go out. Additionally, there could be plenty of other problems within your machine, as well. As soon as anything feels or sounds off with your final drive, get it professionally inspected right away.

  • Regularly inspect your drain filter -- The majority of final drives and travel motors have case drain filters, which filters out impurities from the hydraulic fluid as it leaves the motors. Located on the return line to the hydraulic tank, you should remove the filter, plug the drain line to avoid loss of fluid and contamination, and then thoroughly inspect the filter.

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