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Taking a Look at John Deere 50D and 50C ZTS Midi Excavators

Excavators, which have a net power range from 14.5 horsepower to 512 horsepower, are essential for modern construction projects. Both minor jobs and major tasks can require digging, excavating, and all kinds of heavy lifting -- and excavators are perfect for these performances.

There are plenty of quality construction equipment manufacturers on the market today, but John Deere reigns supreme. There are two John Deere midi excavators that provide excellent performance and are great for construction projects of all sizes: John Deere 50D and 50C ZTS. With their hydraulic final drive travel motors, innovative design, and powerful capabilities, these machines provide exceptional performance.

Let's take a look at what makes these two machines standout on the market:

John Deere 50D Midi Excavator

This machine is a compact excavator that specializes in close-quarters work. It's both quiet and highly fuel-efficient, enabling operators to use it anytime, anywhere, for any construction job.

  • Shipping length -- 17.93 ft.

  • Shipping Height -- 9.24 ft.

  • Max Loading Height -- 13.42 ft.

  • Max Cutting Height -- 18.71 ft.

  • Max Digging Depth -- 11.75 ft.

  • Track Length -- 6.5 ft.

  • Ground Clearance -- 1.11 ft.

  • Undercarriage Shoe Size -- 15.75 in.

  • Net Power -- 39.9 horsepower.

  • Fuel Capacity -- 18.5 gallons.

  • Operational Weight -- 10,428 lb.

  • Max Travel Speed -- 2.8 mph.

John Deere 50C ZTS Midi Excavator

This mini excavator is equipped with heavy duty hydraulic travel motors and is very durable.

  • Shipping length -- 17.43 ft.

  • Max Loading Height -- 11.5 ft.

  • Max Cutting Height -- 16.93 ft.

  • Max Digging Depth -- 11.83 ft.

  • Track Length -- 8.08 ft.

  • Ground Clearance -- 1.08 ft.

  • Undercarriage Shoe Size -- 15.75 in.

  • Net Power -- 38 horsepower.

  • Fuel Capacity -- 13.2 gallons.

  • Operational Weight -- 10,565 lb.

  • Max Travel Speed -- 2.8 mph.

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